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How To Dress-Up Your Black & White Word Art

I love black and white word art because of its versatility.  Used on a page without shadows it appears to have been stamped on your paper.  It’s easy to recolor your word art.  Most photo editing software packages allow you to choose the element and apply a new color.  But, what if you want something more?  Something that melds perfectly with your layout and is a small work of art on its own?

Photoshop is a great tool to help you create unique word art starting with any plain black and white piece you already have.  Here are a few examples of what you can do with just a few simple steps:


Three ways to make your black and white word art more interesting1.  To recolor your original in Photoshop, simply right click on the layer and choose blending options.  Select color overlay and then change to the color of your choice.  Try picking up another color in you LO for a perfect match.

Note:  because the holly in this particular piece is not solid, you may want to play with the blend modes when changing the color to preserve the design

 2.  Dress it up a little – Using the magic wand set to contiguous, select each letter in the word “Christmas”.  Use the paint bucket to fill with the color of your choice.  Do the same with the word “beginning”.  Because the holly wraps over and under the word, set the magic wand tolerance to a small number (I used 10) so that you only pick up the black letters and not part of the holly.  Zoom it in to make sure you get all parts of each letter.

3.  Dress it up a lot – Make your black and white word art match the kit you are working with by choosing papers from the kit to clip to different parts of the word art.  If you are using patterned papers you may want to make your original selections of the paper much larger and resize them down to take advantage of the pattern, otherwise it might get lost since word art tends to be small.  For this piece I chose a green embossed velvet paper and copied a selection and then pasted it over the word Christmas.  Resize it so it fits just over the word and clip (Cntrl + G).  Copy and paste your paper selection for the word beginning.  Because of the holly, you will want to use your magic wand to select just the letters.  Then with the paper selection you pasted over it chosen select copy and then paste.  Your pasted selection will fit right over the letters without attaching to any of the holly.  Create a new layer, and change the blend mode in the layers palette.  I used “hard light” for this piece.  Clip the layer to the word art and then using the paint brush, paint the holly leaves.  Create another layer with the same blend mode and clip it to the piece, paint the red berries.  Note:  Both colors could be painted on the same layer, but I just find it easier to keep them separate.  To change the color of the original word art without affecting your painted layers make a selection just a bit larger than the piece itself.  Create a new layer (just above the original word art) and fill with the color of your choice.  Clip the layer to the word art and then erase any portion that covers the holly to bring back the painted layers.

The word art used in this tutorial is the December word art freebie available on the Quotes page buy kamagra online of my website for the month of December.  Don’t forget to visit the homepage to pick up the other December freebies.

Holiday Accent Papers


Holiday Accent Papers

Add a touch of class to your holiday layouts with these Holiday Accent Papers from db Designs by Diana Burton.  While they were designed to coordinate with the Holiday Wonderland collection, the neutral tones will allow them to be used with most any holiday collection you already own.  Each paper is slightly smaller than 12 x 12 to allow the background of your choice to show through.  Designed at 300px per inch they can be easily resized to any proportion—you can even use them as journaling blocks or tags!

You will receive six holiday accent papers in six different die-cut like designs.  Each paper has a fancy cut edge.  Three of the designs have an inked-on holiday design, one has a cut-through holly border, and two have a cut-through design with an underlayment of a transparent gold fabric-like texture.  See the additional images for a detail view of each paper.

All of my products are designed at 300ppi for great print quality

Diana Burton | my store| website| blog| facebook

Holiday Wonderland

Holiday Wonderland from db Designs by Diana BurtonHoliday Wonderland

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Holiday Wonderland from db Designs by Diana Burton is here to help you scrap those holiday memories.  It is also a great collection to create other holiday memories such as greeting cards, gift tags, and gift items for your family and friends.

The collection includes 15 background papers and 30+ unique elements.  The color scheme is traditional with rich reds, greens, and soft creams.  The elements are reminiscent of days gone by and are perfect for scrapping today’s memories, or memories from your Christmas past.

Holiday Wonderland Baby’s First Christmas Add-On

Are you celebrating Baby’s First Christmas this year, or have yet to scrap this special occasion?  Do it in beautiful holiday style with this Holiday Wonderland Add-on from db designs by Diana Burton.  Designed to coordinate with the Holiday Wonderland collection you’ll be turning out exquistie LO’s of your little one’s first Christmas in no time.

Holiday Wonderland Baby’s First Christmas QP’s

Put together a sampling of photos from Baby’s First Christmas in no time with these exquisite QP’s designed to showcase this special day in your baby’s first year of life.  Use them alone or pair them up with your own pages you create using Holiday Wonderland and/or the Holiday Wonderland Baby’s First Christmas Add-on.

DSD Celebration Sale from db Designs by Diana Burton

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All of my products are designed at 300ppi for great print quality

Diana Burton | my store | website | blog | facebook

How to Change a Square Frame to a Rectangle without Losing Perspective

Sometimes when you’re working with a kit you have a beautiful square frame, but you really need it to be a rectangle for the photo you intend to use in your layout.  You can simply stretch the frame in one direction to get a rectangular frame, but the result is less than perfect.

As you can see, the top and bottom portions of the frame are wider as the result of stretching.  There is a relatively simple way to work around this problem.  It’s a few more steps, but the end result is worth it.

Start by dragging you square frame onto your work area.  Mark the center point of the frame with a guide.

Using the rectangular marquee tool drag out a rectangle over the center of the frame.  Make it larger than you actually need, but don’t get any of the top and bottom parts of the frame in the selection.

Copy and paste the selection and then move it out of the way for the time being.

Drag a guideline to one edge of the original frame.  Use the marquee tool and the center guide line, cut the frame in half and paste the cut piece back onto the page.

Using the guide line on the edge of the frame, drag the cut half of the frame into position.  Drag the center section that you copied earlier into position between the top and bottom pieces.  Adjust the top and bottom up and down until your frame is the desired size.  Make sure that the center section is the top layer.

Depending on the pattern on the frame, you may see a clear line of demarcation where the center section overlaps the top and bottom.  If you have enough overlap you can fix this by using a soft brush to erase just a small portion of the overlap.

You know have a perfectly proportioned rectangular frame.

This technique can be used on frames with larger patterns, it just takes a bit more time and effort to match up the pattern.  It can also be used in reverse to change a rectangular frame into a perfectly proportioned square frame.

New Album and Album Sale

Five days only -September 20 through September 24

All of the ten and twelve page albums and brag books in my store are on sale for only $6, that’s up to 40% off!  You can see all of  my albums in one place on my website on the Albums & QP page.

New from db Designs by Diana Burton – the Remnants of the Past album.  Ten quick pages ready for you to drag and drop your photos for an exquisite album in a flash.  Use them alone of add the Remnants of the Past kit and/or Remnants of the Past Alpha to add additional elements to each QP or to create new pages of your own for a larger album

Remnants of the Past Album from db Designs by Diana Burton

Remnants of the Past

Reminiscent of days gone by, Remnants of the Past is the perfect collection for scrapping your heirloom photos, but don’t stop there!  This collection of 18 background papers and 40+ elements will work equally well for modern day photos, wedding day photos, every day moments, or anywhere you’d like to add a touch of class.  The wide-ranging color scheme and variety of coordinating background papers allows you to design your layouts with a mixture of colors or monochromatically.

Remnants of the Past from db Designs by Diana Burton


For a limited time – September 17 through September 30 – You can receive the Remnants of the Past Alpha absolutely free when you purchase the kit.  Simply place the album in your cart (with the kit)  and use the provided coupon code when checking out.  The code is provided in either the kit description or the alpha description in my store.

Remnants of the Past Alpha from db Designs by Diana Burton

Memories of a Lifetime

On Sale for only $4 – September 1 – September 30

Membories of a Lifetime

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It’s Christmas in July at Digitals and we have gifts for you!

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Make Your Photos Pop with this Quick PS tip

Use this very simple Photoshop tip to give all your photos some pop!

Step 1:

Open the photo you want to enhance and make a duplicate copy (it’s always a good idea to do any work on a duplicate image rather than your original).  On your new image, right click on the background layer and click “duplicate layer”

Step 2

With the new layer selected click on the filter menu at the top of your screen.  Choose Blur>Gaussian Blur and choose a setting (I used 11.5 for this pic).

Step 3

Open the blending options drop down menu at the top of the layers palette and click on “overlay”.

Notice how much punch the colors have in the “after” image.  If you used too much blur you may lose some detail in your photo.  If that’s the case, try using the “soft light” blending mode, or just go back and use a smaller integer for the gaussian blur.  Experiment with other blending modes of different results.