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Make Your Photos Pop with this Quick PS tip

Use this very simple Photoshop tip to give all your photos some pop!

Step 1:

Open the photo you want to enhance and make a duplicate copy (it’s always a good idea to do any work on a duplicate image rather than your original).  On your new image, right click on the background layer and click “duplicate layer”

Step 2

With the new layer selected click on the filter menu at the top of your screen.  Choose Blur>Gaussian Blur and choose a setting (I used 11.5 for this pic).

Step 3

Open the blending options drop down menu at the top of the layers palette and click on “overlay”.

Notice how much punch the colors have in the “after” image.  If you used too much blur you may lose some detail in your photo.  If that’s the case, try using the “soft light” blending mode, or just go back and use a smaller integer for the gaussian blur.  Experiment with other blending modes of different results.

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