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How to Change a Square Frame to a Rectangle without Losing Perspective

Sometimes when you’re working with a kit you have a beautiful square frame, but you really need it to be a rectangle for the photo you intend to use in your layout.  You can simply stretch the frame in one direction to get a rectangular frame, but the result is less than perfect.

As you can see, the top and bottom portions of the frame are wider as the result of stretching.  There is a relatively simple way to work around this problem.  It’s a few more steps, but the end result is worth it.

Start by dragging you square frame onto your work area.  Mark the center point of the frame with a guide.

Using the rectangular marquee tool drag out a rectangle over the center of the frame.  Make it larger than you actually need, but don’t get any of the top and bottom parts of the frame in the selection.

Copy and paste the selection and then move it out of the way for the time being.

Drag a guideline to one edge of the original frame.  Use the marquee tool and the center guide line, cut the frame in half and paste the cut piece back onto the page.

Using the guide line on the edge of the frame, drag the cut half of the frame into position.  Drag the center section that you copied earlier into position between the top and bottom pieces.  Adjust the top and bottom up and down until your frame is the desired size.  Make sure that the center section is the top layer.

Depending on the pattern on the frame, you may see a clear line of demarcation where the center section overlaps the top and bottom.  If you have enough overlap you can fix this by using a soft brush to erase just a small portion of the overlap.

You know have a perfectly proportioned rectangular frame.

This technique can be used on frames with larger patterns, it just takes a bit more time and effort to match up the pattern.  It can also be used in reverse to change a rectangular frame into a perfectly proportioned square frame.

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