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How interested would you be in creating your own kit from products from different designers that all have a coordinating color scheme?

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New Summer Scrapbooking Kit from db Designs

Good Day Sunshine from db Designs by Diana Burton

Good Day Sunshine

Enjoy those sunny summer days and scrap your memories with Good Day Sunshine from db Designs.  Whether you spend those summer days at the park, at the beach, or in your own backyard, you’re sure to find the perfect elements in this collection.  The yellow, orange, and pink color scheme is as cheerful as those summer days are long.

Quick Photoshop Tip – “Knockouts”

If you’ve ever made quick pages or layouts where you’ve cut out part of your background and then decided later that you want to rearrange elements only to find that part of the background is gone and now needs to be replaced, this tip is for you.  Photoshop has a great blending option called “knockout” that allows you to “knockout” or make transparent everything below the layer you have applied to blending option to.  I love this for quick pages because once I put a frame on the page, add the knockout layer and link them I can move the frame anywhere on the page and see what the final result will be without actually removing any of the background elements.  This is especially handy when you have cluster frames with lots of element layers that are under the frame, yet shouldn’t show through the photo opening.

Step 1:

Place your frame anywhere on the page.  Using one of the marquee tools, select the area that you would like to “knockout”.  Note that you can see both the background paper and part of the cattail element through the photo openings

Step 2

Add a new layer, making sure that it is below your frame.  Use the paint bucket to fill the area you selected in the previous step.

Step 3

Right click on the new layer and select “blending options”.  When the pop up box opens make sure “blending options: custom is highlighted (if it’s not, you won’t see the proper options located in the center box).  Where it says knockout, choose “deep” from the drop down menu, then change the fill opacity to zero.  Note:  make sure you use the fill opacity slider under advanced blending options, not the top “opacity” slider.  Click OK.

The result is you can no longer see anything that is below the knockout layer.  If you link the two layers together, they can be moved anywhere on the page and the knockout will remain in the photo openings.

This tutorial was done using Photoshop CS and my Beach House kit.  The page seen above is available as a quick page in the Beach House album.

Beach House Kit and Album

We all love those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  What could be better than spending some of those sunny days at the beach?  Preserve those precious memories of time spent lazing in the sun with this luscious collection of papers and elements that are reminiscent of a well worn, yet well loved Beach House on the shores of a body of sky blue water.

Also available is the Beach House Album.  Ten quick pages to help you scrap a full album in minutes.  Simply drag and drop your photos onto the quick pages and you’re done.  The set includes 5 quick pages with single photo openings and 5 pages with multiple photo openings for versatility.  Buy the full kit to add further embellishments to the original pages or make more pages for a bigger album.

Now You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

Good Times is now available in my store as a full kit
with two add-ons.
Purchase them separately or buy the bundle and save!
Digitals April
A Kit Event

April CAKE from db Designs

Create your own kit
during the April CAKE sale at Digitals.

Your favorite Digitals designers have created many individual
parts using this luscious color scheme to allow you to
mix and match the pieces you want.

Each part of the kit will be on SALE for only $1.50
April 21 through April 24


Photoshop Text Tip

Sometimes, your font choices can make or break your layout.   Changing font styles can be a tedious process if you continuously highlight the font on your page and choose a new font from your drop down list.   Today I’m going to show you how to quickly scroll through your font list in PS so you can preview different fonts in a jiffy.  This tip will also work in Photoshop Elements.

  1. Type your text onto your page.
  2. Commit to your font choice by clicking on the text layer in the layers palette.
  3. With the text layer highlighted, go to the top of your screen and highlight the name of the current font.
  4. Use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly scroll through your font list.

As you use the arrow keys the text on your layout will change

PS text tipRight click on the image above and save to your computer for easy reference.

Extra:  if you highlight the text on your page, then highlight the font size at the top of your screen you can use the arrow keys to change the size of the font one point at a time. This is useful if you need to preview miniscule changes in your font size.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques from db Designs.

Tastefully Yours from db Designs by Diana Burton

New from db Designs by Diana Burton

-Tastefully Yours-

The new Designer Inspiration kit featured in the Digitals Newsletter.

Designers Inspiration Kit



















Tastefully Yours is on sale through March 11 for 25% off.  It’s not too late to take advantage of my store sale–everything else in my store is 20% off through Sunday.

Don’t miss the coordinating solid card stock pack and .psd template available as a free download in the Digitals Newsletter.

20% off Sale Now through March 11

db Designs by Diana BurtonLet’s wish a warm, hearty welcome to the coming spring with a sale!

Enjoy 20% off everything in my Digitalsstore now through March 11.

  • full kits
  • elements
  • background papers
  • albums
  • Quick Pages
  • Photoshop Brushes
  • and More

Shop today, while the bargains last.

**Win This Kit**

New Heritage Kit
from db Designs

For a chance to win this beautiful collection go to the “Happy Place” at DST and leave a comment in the thread.
A winner will be chosen by random number on Monday, February 27!
The winner will receive the Memory Lane Collection and the Memory Lane Alpha.

Note:  you must be logged in at DST to leave a comment.


Memory Lane from db Designs by Diana Burton

Memory Lane


Memory Lane includes every thing you need to create exquisite family trees.  Three different tree frame styles allow you to personalize each tree any way you wish.  Use the top and bottom decorated frame for the top couple on your tree, then use the plain tree frame for their children.  Use one tree frame style for paternal ancestors and a different frame style for maternal ancestors–there are many possibilities.  All the bars you will need for connecting ancestors on your trees are also included.  They are easy to resize if need be.  The soft, worn color palette lends itself perfectly to your vintage photos, but don’t stop there–this kit will work equally well with your modern day photos.  And it’s not just for family trees–the old time photographer’s frames, along with the other elements in the kit allow you to put together breathtaking LO’s of any kind.  Be sure to check out the “additional images” in my store to see detailed views of some elements and LO examples.  You can also see some wonderful LO examples in my gallery

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The Yellow & Gray Project Exclusively @ Digitals

A Study in Yellow and Gray from db Designs by Diana Burton

Create Your Own Kit


Have you ever wanted to create your own kit by picking and choosing
only the papers and elements you wanted from a variety of different designers?
At Digitals we’d like to give you that chance!

A Study in Yellow and Gray is now available in the Digitals Store.
For a limited time, each and every product is specially priced at only

Join us at Digitals from Feb 4 – Feb 11 and
Create Your Own Kit
with coordinating products from your favorite Digitals Designers

A Study in Yellow & Gray
from db Designs by Diana Burton
(as seen above)

Solid, Textured Paper Pack
Patterned Papers 1
Patterned Papers 2
Element Pack 1
Element Pack 2

Industrial Strength Collection

Papers from the Industrial Strength collection


Elements from the Industrial Strength collection


Industrial Strength is a collection of masculine papers and elements that will lend itself equally well to layouts of women, children, or heritage layouts.  The cool blue/gray color scheme is sure to please.  Be sure and check out my gallery to see some of the wonderful possibilities you have with this kit.

Note:  Some ribbons in the preview are shown smaller than actual size.

The collection includes:

  • 5 solid textured papers
  • 5 patterned papers
  • 10 gears – 5 different gear designs, provided in two styles–clean and grungy
  • 3 chrome screw heads (large, medium, and small}
  • 3 chrome washers (large, medium, and small)
  • 1 block & tackle element
  • 1 square paper/cardboard frame
  • 1 square paper/cardboard frame, embellished
  • 1 round concrete frame
  • 1 round concrete frame, embellished
  • 1 triple paper/cardboard frame
  • 1 triple concrete frame
  • 1 small square glass frame held with 2 wire cables (extra long cables for greater positioning options)
  • 1 large squareglass frame held with 4 wire cables (extra long cables for greater positioning options)
  • 4 different folded ribbons
  • 1 bow
  • 2 rectangular tags
  • 1 round hanaging tag
  • 1 ledger book for journaling
  • 1 straight wire cable
  • 1 wire cable with looped end
  • 2 metal clips
  • 3 floral like paper gears
  • 1 round floral like metallic element
  • 2 leaves
  • 2 different metal clips
  • 2 metal arrows (clean & grungy)
  • 1 torn cardboard piece
  • 1 set of metallic wings
  • 1 round date marker – included as separate pieces in .png format for you to layer, and also in a layered .psd file for those who can utilize that format.

All of my products are designed at 300ppi for great print quality.